Latihan Soal TOEFL Bagian Structure and Written Expression

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Directions: Questions 1-15 are incomplete sentences. Beneath each sentence you will see four words or phrases, marked A, B, C, and D. Choose the one word or phrase that best completes the sentence.

1. … behind government secrecy for nearly half a century, the Hanford plant in Central Washington produced plutonium for the nuclear weapons of the Cold War.

2. … twelve million immigrants entered the United States via Ellis Island.

3. One of the areas of multimedia that is growing quickly … is sound.

4. The teacher does not … why so many students did poorly on the exam.

5. How long it has … since you arrived in the Canada?

6. The result of the current experiment appear to be more consistent than … the result of any previous tests..

7. New York City’s Central Park is nearly twice as large … second smallest country, Monaco.

8. Individual differences in brain-wave activity may shed light on why some people are more prone to emotional stress disorders …

9. The musical instrument … is six feet long.

10. Kettedrums, what were first played on horseback, … incorporated into the orchestra in the eighteenth century.

11. The speaker introduced herself, told several interesting anecdotes, and … with an emotional plea.

12. … in a restaurant is more fun than eating at home.

13. Vitamin A is needed to prevent premature aging and … against eye diseases.

14. One difference between mathematics and language is that mathematic is precise …

15. The use of detail is … method of developing a controlling idea, and almost all students employ this method.

Directions: In questions 16-40, each sentence has four underlined words or phrases. The four underlined parts of the sentence are marked (A), (B), (C), and (D). Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct.

16. Because of the seriousness of the company’s financial problems, the board of directors have called an emergency meeting.

17. In the parking lot of the stadium was the cars that were about to be towed.

18. Every man, woman, and child in this line are required to sign the forms in order to complete the registration process.

19. There are many frequently mentioned reasons why one out of four arrests involve a juvenile.

20. Five miles beyond the hills were a fire with its flames reaching up to the sky.

21. He works very hard but usually get below-average grades.

22. The director need a quick but thorough response.

23. Both the tailor or the laundress could fix the damage to the dress.

24. Either you have to finish the project, or the contract will be cancel.

25. Manufactures may use food additives for preserving, to color, to flavor, or to fortify foods.

26. The General Sherman Tree, the largest of all the giant sequoias, are reputed to be the world’s largest living thing.

27. The skeleton of a shark is made of cartilage rather than having bone.

28. Alaska is the coldest than all the states in the United States.

29. Fashion this year are shorter and more colorful than they was last year.

30. The plants that has been sitting in the sunny window are far healthier than the other plants.

31. The closest it get to summer, the longer he days are.

32. The earliest the CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) procedure in the pregnancy, the greater the risk to the baby.

33. The score information has been duplicates on the back-up disk.

34. Every morning the plants must been watered.

35. At the start of the American Revolution, lanterns were hung in the Old North Church as a signal that the British were came.

36. Nails are commonly make of steel but also can contain substances such as aluminum or brass.

37. Some of the eye movements used in reading is actually unnecessary.

38. Fort Ticonderoga, a strategically important fortification during the Revolution, had since been reconstructed and turned into a museum.

39. The formula used in the study calls for either peroxide or metaldehyde, but metaldehyde was not always available.

40. On June 30, 1992, international timekeepers in Paris were added an extra second to the day.


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